Ukee Days Keg Toss

*This event is adults only*

Sponsored by the Ucluelet Brewing Company, the Ukee Days Keg Toss will be an event you won’t want to miss! For this event individuals will toss a 50L keg as far as they can for the chance at winning some sweet swag from the brewery.

Ucluelet Brewery Logo

Keg Toss Sign-Up Form




Adults (Men) 19 – 49

2018 Champion – JR Wells

2019 Champion – Joey

Adults (Women) 19 – 49

2018 Champion – Sydney Morrison

2019 Champion – Jenn

Masters (Men) 50+

2018 Champion – Dave Martin

2019 Champion – Tony

Masters (Women) 50+

2018 Champion – Julie Corlazzoli

2019 Champion – Sally

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