Ukee Days Parade

Show Your Small Town Pride

Ready to join the fun? The Ukee Days parade is an annual must-see and kicks off the fairground festivities on the morning of Saturday, July 23th. If you’re interested in joining the parade then be sure to fill out this years application form and return it ASAP.

Parade Application Form 2022

This years theme is: Homecoming

What does Ukee Days mean to you and how has this event inspired you over the years? This year, we welcome old traditions and celebrate the existence of Ukee Days.

2019 Parade Contest Results

Best in theme

  1. Lucky Lake Logging
  2. Tight Line Fishing

Best Costumes

  1. Pina
  2. Co-op

Community Spirit

  1. Majestic Ocean Kayaking
  2. Parks Canada

Judges Award

  1. Telus
  2. Adley
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